Destiny Carter

Destiny Carter is an accomplished fine and graphic artist whose creative journey began when she was raised by her grandparents in the California desert. Her grandfather was a modern-day Renaissance man: a fine artist, graphic artist, engineer, inventor, and designer for many large corporations. As a young girl, she was encouraged by her grandfather to develop her artistic abilities rather than complete her schoolwork, to the notable displeasure of her grandmother.

Because of her inherent love of creativity, Destiny is very comfortable creating various types of artwork including ink, pencil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, and professional graphic design. With the help of creative partner, Margot Silk Forrest, she has expanded into the world of Wearable Art as well. Destiny now works alongside Forrest as a Co-Designer in Forrest's custom shoe embellishing company, Sassy Feet! Together, they design and create one-of-a-kind, embellished shoes by commission and teach DIY shoe classes throughout California.

Destiny's work has been featured numerous times in Altered Couture Magazine. She was accepted in Beckstrand and Norris Galleries' international, juried Wearable Expressions 2008 exhibition, at the Palos Verdes Art Center, as well as Art 2 Wear Accoutrements displayed at the LAX/Ontario International Airport in 2009. Destiny's work has been included in numerous local exhibits and art shows around San Luis Obispo County, and in private collections.